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6 Things You Should Be Doing to Take Care of Your Tongue

Patients often overlook one very important element of their oral health care regimen: taking care of their tongue! Your tongue is so important. It helps you speak, chew, swallow, and—with its over 10,000 taste buds—it allows you to enjoy the taste of your food. Your tongue is also home to a majority of the bacteria … Continued

5 Ways Drinking Water Can Improve Your Oral Health

Health authorities often advise you to drink around eight glasses of water per day (about 2 liters). This can be hugely beneficial to your health for a number of reasons—it helps to flush away waste and bacteria, keeps your skin healthy, and even reduces your chance of getting certain cancers! However, did you know that … Continued

What Are Your Gums Trying to Tell You?

Have you noticed any differences in the color or appearance of your gums lately? If so, your gums may be trying to tell you something about your oral health! Here are a few potential symptoms you might be experiencing and what they could be telling you about your body. When your gum line is receding… … Continued

5 Signs Your Mouth May Not Be in Good Health

Are you certain that your mouth is in good oral health? Unfortunately, brushing twice per day is not always enough to keep our teeth, gums, and even tongue in good condition. While the best way to determine the status of your oral health is to pay a visit to the dentist, there are a few … Continued

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