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6 Possible Reasons for Your Teeth Sensitivity

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The ability to enjoy tasty food and delicious drinks is one of life’s simplest joys. From a nutritious breakfast before work to a dinner shared with loved ones, eating is an integral part of our days and we often don’t think twice about our ability to do it. For those of us with sensitive teeth, however, eating and drinking can rapidly transition from a happy, enjoyable affair to a painful ordeal we come to dread. If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind tooth sensitivity and how to address the issue, read on to learn a bit more about how teeth become sensitive and what you can do about it!

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and cavities are among the most common reasons for sensitive teeth. Because the protective barrier around your tooth has been damaged, the sensitive inner layers become more exposed to extreme temperatures and sugars. Visiting your dentist for a filling, root canal, or extraction should help alleviate the issue!

2. Chipped, Broken, or Cracked Teeth

Chips and cracks in the teeth can leave sensitive nerve endings exposed, heightening your experience of certain foods and temperatures. Filling these areas is the best way to prevent painful substances from reaching your nerves and your teeth can likely be restored by your dentist through fillings or crowns.

3. Brush Abrasion

Sometimes sensitivity can be narrowed down simply to your brushing habits! Using a medium or firm bristled brush or brushing too rigorously can result in worn down enamel or receding gum lines. Changing to a soft bristled brush and using a toothpaste designed for sensitivity can help alleviate these issues.

4. Acid in Your Diet

Foods and drinks that are high in acid can wear down your tooth enamel and lead to greater sensitivity! Avoiding citrus fruits and sodas can help to lessen some of the sensitivity you may be experiencing.

5. Your Bite May Be to Blame

An uneven bite can put too much pressure on certain teeth, causing them stress and leading to them becoming more sensitive than their counterparts. Some bite issues can be resolved with relative ease, but others may require orthodontic work. If need be, your dentist will be able to come up with a personalized plan to help change your bite!

6. Dental Hygiene Routine

Maintaining a diligent routine of twice daily brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash is your best bet for keeping your enamel strong and your teeth free from cavities. A healthy mouth is your first defense against sensitivity and other dental issues, so be sure to keep up your regimen. Additionally, visiting your dentist regularly will help nip potential issues in the bud and keep your oral health in tip top shape!

While some tooth sensitivity is normal, if you’ve experienced a sudden increase in sensitivity or intense oral pain, there may be a larger issue at play, and you should contact your dentist immediately to have the issue addressed.

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