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How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly

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We all know that brushing our teeth is an important part of your dental hygiene routine—we have been doing it since we were children, after all. However, over time, good brushing techniques can fade and be replaced with bad habits! Therefore, check out this quick refresher to make sure you’re brushing your teeth correctly.

1. Make sure you’re using a good toothbrush.

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends you replace your toothbrush every three months or when is begins to show wear? You might also consider replacing your toothbrush if you ever get sick, as the bristles can collect germs and could possibly get you sick again. If you meet any of these criteria, it might be time to consider buying a new kind of toothbrush. Most dental care professionals recommend that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush, as it is considered the best for removing plaque and debris from your teeth. You should also try to find a toothbrush that has a smaller brush head, as this will allow you better access to those hard-to-reach areas. By finding a good toothbrush, you can ensure you’re doing the best possible job of taking care of your teeth.

2. Hold your brush correctly.

While we see many different brushing techniques, there is one that is the most effective at removing plaque and preventing tooth decay. First, you must hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Then, move your toothbrush back and forth in tooth-wide strokes, repeating it for each tooth. Doing this will allow you to thoroughly brush each individual tooth to ensure the plaque and debris has been completely removed.

3. Clean every surface.

If done correctly, brushing your teeth should take at least two minutes. This is because you have a lot of surfaces to cover within your mouth! Many adults do not take this long to brush their teeth, so make sure that you are cleaning every single surface—including the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. Also, make sure you don’t forget the gum line! As you’re cleaning, try brushing each surface in the following order:

  • Outer surfaces of your upper teeth, followed by the lower teeth
  • Inner surfaces of your upper teeth and lower teeth. (To do so, angle your toothbrush forward to ensure you get those tough to reach spots behind the front teeth.)
  • All chewing surfaces
  • Finally, brush the tongue. You might consider purchasing a tongue scraper to ensure your you’re removing the harmful bacteria from the surface of your tongue.

To make sure that you are giving this process ample time, try using a stopwatch as you brush. If it takes at least 120 seconds, you’re doing it right!

By brushing your teeth thoroughly and correctly, you can make sure that you’re eliminating plaque and food debris that can later cause decay, gingivitis, and more! Ultimately, a good brushing technique can lead to better oral health for years to come.

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